Our Chilli Jelly is 100% British

Our current line up of jellies is the same as our dipping jams, the main difference between the two products is their consistency. The same quantities of chilli pepper fruit, natural apple pectin (to make them set) and a little distilled vinegar, go into making each jar of chilli jam and jelly. However, before bottling the dipping jams we use natural spring water to make them a little runnier and that's the only difference.

Use the chilli jellies with cold meats or again in sandwiches, try them with cream cheese on biscuits and wafers, or add them to your cooking to give instant sweet heat.

The Mild, ‘Green Hungarian Wax Chilli’ is an ideal introduction to chilli jelly, the medium ‘Red Hungarian Wax Chilli’ and medium ‘Green Jalapeño Chilli’ (our current best sellers) suit most tastes. Our ‘Red Jalapeño Jelly’ is next on the heat scale, and whilst hot, it still delivers masses of succulent chilli flavour.

Next come our two hottest jellies, these habanero fellows are really not for the faint of heart and come with our heat rating of fiery plus. The ‘Scotch Bonnet’ jam, made from our ‘Scotch Bonnet Yellow Sun’ chilli peppers, gives a delicious burst of fruit flavour, followed by a punch of heat. The ‘Caribbean Red’ jam, made from our Habanero Chilli Peppers offers the same level of heat, combined with a delicate sweet citrus flavour of Habanero pepper.

Typical all natural ingredients: Our Homegrown Chillies (21%), Distilled Barley Vinegar, Spring Water, Fruit Pectin, Cane Sugar (41%).