Hungarian Wax Hot Pepper

The hot bit is a little misleading as this is the mildest variety of chilli pepper we grow and it's a whopper. They get up around 15 to 20cm in length, averaging 5cm in diameter and have a succulent flesh rather like a capsicum bell pepper.

We harvest these peppers at two different stages of maturity. Half our crop is picked as they ripen from a dazzling lime green, to a fresh yellow-green. At this stage they have a sweet, refreshing taste with very little heat. The remaining fruits are left until they become a rich orangey red, with a natural ‘beeswax’ sheen (hence the name). The vibrant, juicy fresh pepper flavours remain intact, whilst the fruit’s maturity has pushed it up the heat scale but only by a fraction.

Heat: Rating Green: Mild 2,000 - 3000 Shu
Heat Rating Red: Medium 3000 - 4000 Shu