Friends of The Chilli Garden

Over the last few years we've made a lot a great friends at the events we taken part in. Listed below are details of those Chileheads, Farms selling fresh chillies and generally top people. If I have missed you out in error, please don't take offence, just drop me a mail and I'll add you in.

Fresh British Produce

The Wholesome Food Association

The WFA local symbol scheme is a low-cost, 'grassroots' alternative to organic certification for people who are growing or producing food for sale in their local region.

Dry River Chillies

Another family run farm, this time in West Sussex, selling a variety of fresh and dried chillies and a range of their homegrown chilli seeds and plants.

The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight

A family farming business established over 30 years ago where the passion for garlic and anything to do with garlic has become their driving force.

Blog's and Tweets

The Chile Foundry

The UK's premiere blog for all things chilli related, be it reviews, recipes or events. It's been running in one form or another for over 10 years and they have a great presence on Twitter too, follow them at @ChileFoundry or @DarthNaga.