How To Use Our Chilli Products

Chilli Jelly

The consistency of our jellies, makes them ideal on their own with hot or cold meats and cheese, or simply spread in a sandwich with your favourite filling. They can also be used in cooking where a recipe requires fresh chillies.
We find 1 teaspoon = 1 Medium Chilli or 1/2 a larger one.

Chilli Jam

As the name suggests these are great on their own, to dip with your favourite snack. For something a little different, add them to crème fresh, yogurt or mashed avocado – spread on crusty bread.

Use them to make a marinade by mixing with Olive Oil, Wine or Cider, or brush them directly onto meat fish or vegetables before grilling or BBQ-ing. Try them drizzled onto Ice-cream with melted dark chocolate – delicious!

Chilli Sauces

Ideal for spicing up just about any meat, vegetable or fish dish, excellent added to a stir-fry.

Pickled Chillies

Picked and pickled in under an hour these great tasting Firecrackers, as their name suggests, hot up just about anything, whole or sliced. Especially good straight from the jar or as a colourful addition to your cheese board!

Chilli Powder

Full of flavour and natural Chilli heat, perfect in Chilli-con-carne, use them instead of pepper in hot or cold dishes.

We make our dips, jellies, sauces, powders and pickles ourselves, using family recipes, the finest natural ingredients, 100% our own home grown chillies and no artificial colours or flavourings.

The blog really is coming soon with fantastic recipes, chilli growing tips and much, much more. Check back soon for more info or email us if you cant wait.